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by Klamm

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Memento 00:59
Do you see the mutinous frowns each time your golden chariot parts the sea of ragged people? Do you hear the agitated murmur rustle through your laurel crown? “Memento moriendum esse!”
Beware! Cherubic smirks vomiting forth perdition, grinding erect fuel rods with sick, imbecile lust. Realize the vision, catalyze the fission. Cocking baleful triggers to shatter worlds to dust. Countless lustrous souls wrung in pain into this world, steeply scaling uphill against razor winds of class. Through an abrasive void - tombwards we all are hurled. Wake now: heirs to ashes and deserts turned to glass! Defiant, some augur -the cleansing blaze abide. Perennial limbs reach and pray for solar bliss. Promethean lapsus, an optimist’s short sight. Pyrophyte seeds are sown, yearning the fervent kiss. Oh what boundless vista –the precipice of Death. Until you shine for me -and plasmify my eyes... Joy! Wake within yourself, with freedom in each breath 'ere flaking with my kin to tranquil hollow skies. Sunrise! –Brilliant blossoms brimming with blinding light, from wicked seeds -gathered from eremitic soil. Glare of transformation –life turned to torrid blight. Pestle the mountains high, let deepest oceans boil! In the arcane sign of Uranos and Pluto - invoke: Mars jubilant, ablaze in ardent rage. Sol Invictus lustrous, bestow your singeing glow. Kneel in crackling cinders: Proclaim a strange kind's age. Scoliotic towers, pillars of crooked crust. Flame! Oust the hawks’ shadows from the darkest corners. History carved in scars -with nails of brittle rust. Resist the recurrence -be brave all ye mourners! Tyrants dragged to gallows, limbs bound into wicker, barren pleas rashly flung by a greedy, foul tongue. From your nameless tallow, soothing candles flicker - clement tales dance lively on faces of our young.
Notre Flamme 12:36
Pt.I Sticks and stones -burnt and collapsed, the inflamed and shattered limbs of a dying God. Why lament and weep over this ossature - whilst indifferent to dire misery abound? ...And spuriously boast generosity with the riches wrested from the destitute. Lineages of supremacy shield our idols - crusades and cruise missiles against the “heathens” - for centuries past and many a year to come. The shifting dunes spread a mournful pall, hiding the rivers of blood that have seeped into the sands, irrigating the deep-set seeds of revenge. Pt.II See now this fuming pool of gasoline -murky and deep, shimmering with potential -a combustive concoction... This lump of common coal, chipped and imperfect, a raw amorphous mass –no obvious front or back, no left, no right... irrelevant... united in purpose, birthing a yellow flame –wild and voracious...... yet soon heavy with smoke, blackened by soot, polluted, admixed by the potentates –of today and tomorrow? Swathed in ominous black –haphazard destruction. Where is the eloquence in violence? Cobble or baton... Sticks and stones –maimed bodies, broken bones. The narrative drenched and drowned in sauce Bernays. Pt.III Never may this imposed friction rip you apart! Fortified righteous ethics shall be the monuments of ages, that withstand the discordant siege of fascist oppression. Fuck your altars, fuck your crowns, fuck your regalia – let our souls be incrusted with shining virtues, dividing insignia insignificant -acephalic communion. Parisians -speak Parrhesia! And all of you around the globe! Reticulate. Iterate, articulate your liberties. For change we need a critical mass! For change we need a critical mass! Qu’il en apparaisse, et le Peuple, dès l’instant, brise ses chaînes, et conquiert du pain pour lui et pour toutes ses générations. Répétons-le encore; tous les maux sont à leur comble; ils ne peuvent plus empirer; ils ne peuvent se réparer que par un bouleversement total! Que tout se confonde donc!..., que tous les éléments se brouillent, se mêlent et s’entrechoquent!..., que tout rentre dans le chaos, et que du chaos sorte un monde nouveau et régénéré! Venons, après mille ans, changer ces lois grossières. Let the flame spread to Elysee –let the raging Phlegethon take your usurpers back to the crepuscule of Tartaros. Notre Adam, notre dame –rise up from your lethargy! Notre lame, notre flamme –against ravenous Kleptocracy! Dans la rue! Break the chains of inequality. On ne lâche rien –rebellion, resistance, revolution now!
Europe 01:45
A rope has many uses: A gallows, a strangle, a leash, a lash, a safety line, the rescue from drowning, a bond that can cordially hold us together. Tell me...what is the purpose of Europe?
Anthropocene 14:22
Anthropocene: age of relentless senescence - obscene decadence of planned obsolescence. You’re welcome to poison, sear, starve and drown, as long as the Dow doesn’t go down. One Amazon blazing the other blooming... vulgar prices marked with ashes and blood. Savage revolution of the gears of nature by the super-mutagen called man. Monotonous expanses of patented sterile seeds. Where has the movement in the soil gone? Where is the buzzing and colorful glint in the meadows? Sacrificial mass extinction for fictitious ciphers. How dare you deny and defy and belie our accusations filled with pleonastic certainties: The all-consuming, hostile dominance of finance, the moribund growth imperative of this order, which is like the neoplastic swelling of the cancer; the soulless rigged market -the only organism you defend. Graceful legs, entwined by muscles, shudder with exhaustion - keen eyes, wide with dread, reflect insatiable fires... soon septic wounds weep on swollen, auto-aggressive bodies, a defeated shortsighted gaze sweeps the confines of the prison. Imagine your own tortured flesh ground up and offered on sale... cruelty become a commodity -devaluation of A LIFE! The bloody breath of the Levante is thinning. The desertified Savannah glows like an inflammation. Famine, exploitation, war uproot the masses - countless dead on account of countless debt. Callous calculus of casual casualties. We are at the watershed, we areat the bloodshed. How come you only believe what you are presented and conveniently don’t see what you don’t believe. The darkness machine is grinding on... while you keep dreaming your deteriorating dream. Mankind’s chrysalis hangs in stasis over the flaring furnace of the elites. The expectoration of a delirious decaying culture cauterizes and effaces the reefs, piles up continents of plastic: Literal waves of waste and humans, dead or almost dead –“collateral” - litter the littoral. Finally our filthy ruins sink to their Atlantean fate. Soon you flee on clogged artificial veins to your infarcted metropolitan hearts, creep into the crumbling concrete shelters built on the debris of a war not that long ago. The collapse is systemic, the rot too deep, you cannot run from this, you will not crawl from this doom
Smokescreen 07:48
Choke in the dense cloak of smoke, discharged from propagandists' rostral cloacas' croak. Demise of civilized paradise – in one formula devised: pledges plus lies... hatched and etched to perfection by unmatched puppet masters smiling: „no strings attached“. Shrill whistles shriek – silenced by shills – crashed into those bloodied mouths of eminent will. Defend those vilified heroes! Still unbowed and unbent. J'accuse! Your lies offend! Those inept charges bore! On the exposed sore horror now salty slander you pour. Wheels within wheels, snakes encoiling snakes, scars beneath further scars. This world decays in woe under the shimmer of secluded stoic stars. Hark! Sovereign serpents spitting septic sermons and the nescient herd wants more. The marble staircase of the temple darkened with their sacrificial gore. Gloom has set, somber as a tomb. Scarily scarce are landmarks in this eerie doom. Fact trumped by affect, clamor and glamour. Thirsting for truth, our lips parched and cracked. Wallow in hollow myth. Swallow their filth or fist. Their pointing claw -yours to follow! Placid promise of Death! Reclaim the borrowed breath! Rest your brow -cede your limb – through Him, with Him in Him! Wheels within wheels, snakes encoiling snakes, scars beneath further scars. This world decays in woe under the shimmer of secluded stoic stars. Hark! Sovereign serpents spitting septic sermons and the nescient herd wants more. The marble staircase of the temple darkened with their sacrificial gore. Fire makes you see further and higher or blind and burn you: beacon or pyre? Night brightens the flame! Under pitch black skies -akin to kindling –now fiercely ignite! Wake! Make no mistake –light the resin of reason –everyone, everything's at stake. Placid promise of Death! Reclaim the borrowed breath! Rest your brow -cede your limb – through Him, with Him in Him! Subscribe to your brittle gods! My release -your dread: death speaks an oath you cannot bribe. Hide! Just try! As we charge with the looming anterograde shadow at our side. Fierce of heart as the fear clears -hear the defiant cheers! Tear the veils and veil the tears.
Tragictory 02:33
Unprofitable flesh -shunned and replaced, ejected from the anesthesia of the silicon cosmos. Bereft of the last curtailed distractions, they crawl into the streets. For the first time willing to implore or revolt. Allowed to perceive undistorted reality, that has only been an escalating elusive unease. Deformations jutting from their sickly skin... Aghast, a wordless gasp of terror and agony escapes from lacerated, crooked lips. An avatar of the immortalized patriarchs hovering down from the fang-shaped tower, built upon the rubble of the pyramid, which was deemed offensive to their notions... not accurately depicting their sense of hierarchy and predation. The immaculate emotionless face unaffected by the gamma radiation pulse it emits - an obscene footlong split tongue susurrating in a deep velvet hiss: “Not even close...”
Oh Death! In your substantiation everyone halts, starts to err and misconstrue your essence, but then -sometimes, to understand. Mesmerized... we realize your necessity, your cohesion and harmony –everything is related through you. What repose! Channeling your flame of regression and simplification.In your presence the tribulations and confusion of a troubled mind are resolved. Wherever you dwell, meaning is created... Each breath is ascribed its value and importance: Sublime appreciation of the opalescent opulence of nature and love. Oh Death! Your inevitable consequence constitutes the ultimate and perfect justice. The shiver of solace for the ailing and desperate Mesmerized... we realize your necessity, your cohesion and harmony –everything is related in you. It is not your hunger, nor your design or negligence that sends the masses into your domain. With open arms, you only accept without distinction. You do not claim ceremonial cups of blood and bowls of holy smoke. You do not enlist acolytes and vehicles, into your service... ...but only grant the most peaceful sleep, graced with blissful oblivion. Your subtle omnipresence, your familiar un-shape, contrasts and confines aberrant, exuberant springs of life and quenches the nether desires. Your sigil will eclipse the last symbol of inequity and subjugation and rouse anxiety in the obscene aristocracy. Gods and demons, adored by billions, burn, wither, drown in evidence, only you persist. Free from those imposters, free from repressive fear, wreathed in immense candor and capability, we are truly given mythical autonomy. The change of seasons in your tranquil shade - sure of your ordained firm embrace - sedulous and liberated - we sculpt the clay of our lives - in this short interval of consciousness - this little island between the entropic flux of your timeless realm - interwoven with the turbulent cosmic pulse across the void that you admit. Oh Death!
Dawn 03:48
The night is darkest and coldest...... just before the most precious colors are painted shyly across the firmament and coalesce and crescendo to this breathtaking enormity of hot embers and pearl. Inspired and enkindled... let a blessed wrath quake you into activity. Know in your heart, that the rage you feel is a manifestation of hope and strength... for the destruction we wreak - is an act of love. Let the innumerable spreading fires in our hands bring forth the dawn!


Media recognition:

Wonderboxmetal: "Misanthropocene is an essential listen for any fan of modern black metal."
Metal Archives 89%: "Overall a very interesting output and one that should be checked by open-minded fans of the genre."
Metal Temple 8/10: "this is properly dark and weird music and they do a great job with it."
Mangorave: "Depressing disharmonies, brutal riffing, and the heavy impact of Doom Metal make Klamm's recent album a stunning Black Metal release."
Antichrist Mag: "The diversity and atmospheric affluence perfectly describe the music of Klamm and with every album it becomes more and more intricately enrichened with fresh ideas."
OccultBlackMetalZine 8/10: " In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Klamm and if you are a fan of melodic and atmospheric black metal, you should check out this album."
Metal Aschaffenburg 12/15: "Alles in Allem kann ich bezeugen, dass die (kleine) Kurskorrektur der Band gut getan hat und Klamm mit „Misanthropocene” ihr bisher stimmigstes und bestes Album abgeliefert haben!"

Album description:

What is more vile, morbid, absurd and obscene than reality itself? Our concern is neither fantasy nor lore, but the mind-shattering abysses of actual life. Klamm’s new opus takes several stabs at central concepts and junctions of the interlocking workings of politics, propaganda, economy, and military power games, which conceptualize a dire present on the verge of a very tangible dystopian future, which could easily surpass every nightmare of visionary minds like Orwell, Huxley, Bradbury, Atwood and their peers.
The concept of Death –the great equalizer –is interspersed throughout the album to serve as a source of strength and humility. This constant fixed star enables a free and fearless life for anyone willing to change their perception to this idea. It is the natural adversary to transhumanist arrogance.
Few but potent plutocrats seem completely anesthetized to empathy -deeply gangrened by psychopathological patterns of lust, greed, thirst for power and revenge and express their megalomaniac God complex with increasing audacity.
The paralysis of the masses to rise up against their destructive system forms the contorted backbone of a steep downward spiral, cementing this weird age we named “Misanthropocene“.


released June 1, 2021


all rights reserved



Klamm Würzburg, Germany

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